Arabic School Software

Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic language software. Designed for people who want to learn Arabic fast and easy. Suitable for beginners & ideal for children. Animated characters are used throughout the lessons. The application

MB Arabic Astrology

MB Arabic Astrology is a wonderful and interactive astrological software that tells you about your Arabic personality traits depending on your date of birth. The program also provides insightful hints about the merits and demerits of several signs. It is


Roman Arabic Numerals Converter

Roman Arabic Numerals Converter for everybody. Converts Roman numbers to usual (Arabic) numbers and Arabic numbers to Roman. Conversion details can be shown for educational purpose. Conversion history can be saved into text-file or printed.

MB Arabic Lunar Mansions

MB Arabic Lunar Mansions lets you know your arabic lunar mansion or your mansion of the moon. By using this lunar mansion software or moon mansion software you can also be aware of the significance of lunar mansions. Apart from knowing the name of your

Arabic Text DESIGNER  v.1.0

Paste Arabic Over Image - Arabic Text DESIGNER To Write Arabic Text Directly On Images With tashkeel Support .

Arabic Font Pack  v.1 2

This collection contains 14 free Arabic fonts. Fonts can be fantastic to enhance your correspondance, create amazing posters, subtitles, headers and footers, or just to write a letter to that special someone. Whatever you use these fonts for, have

WordBanker Learn Arabic  v.6.4.8

WordBanker is a unique and fun method of helping you to learn a foreign language.

Adawat Arabic Text tools  v.1.0

Arabic Text tools, like remove Harakats, AutoCorrect, Normalize, Insert Symbols, etc.

Arabic Spellchecker Word Lists  v.1.2

Arabic word list for spell checkers (e.

Arabic Word Slider Game  v.1.0

Arabic word game, Al-Kalima Al-monzaliqa, collect letters and make words.

Encode Arabic  v.32

Implementations for encodings of Arabic, in Haskell and Perl.

Persian Log2Vis / Arabic Log2Vis  v.2.0

A PHP project to convert logical Persian and Arabic characters to visual.

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